Progress can Kill


It’s time to rethink what “development” and “progress” mean. It’s becoming increasingly clear that development cannot be a one-size-fits all process. Too often, a blueprint is forced upon people even if it is not one that they themselves want. Development must be about more than economic growth, encompassing a full spectrum of human rights. Above all, it must be about freedom and choice.

This is well demonstrated by how “development” for tribal peoples seldom works. Survival International’s campaign, “Progress can Kill” highlights the horrific effects that “progress” can have on tribal peoples. Instead of providing a better life, tribal peoples often find that after the intervention of industrialised societies, their lives become bleaker and shorter. A satirical cartoon called, “There You Go” also lays out the hypocrisies and fallacies of this kind of development. The lessons learned can easily be applied to other sectors of society.

-Development Pathways-


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