If there is one lesson that mankind should learn today, it is this

What Satish Kumar teaches us in this video is sadly one of the most paved over teachings of our generation and likely many generations to come. We are slowly rapidly losing one of the most fundamental senses of our species; to learn with our hands and our hearts.

Schools do not teach you this. Infact, the system is trying to steer us away from it, discrediting the very essence of life; soil. With its products of industry and technology, todays society has us cultivated into slaves to an economic system of which the only true beneficiaries are the businesses who profit. This is not the natural life system intended for our planet, nor is it one that it can support forever.

We do not need a handbook to understand how to attain the fruits of life. Winning the lottery will not teach us how to be happy. Only reconnecting with yourself and your environment, to understand what is really important to you, can do that.

That is to say that our current way of life is one that has been shaped and distorted into the way of life that the system would like us to believe is all there is. That you have to earn your right to live on this planet, earn stress free existence through the very cycle that is causing us extreme levels of unnecessary stress. How did this ever seem like an ethically logical idea?

Furthermore, it is these same people who would have the world fooled into thinking that nature has to earn its keep too.

In a natural ecosystem, there are multiple beneficiaries for any one element of life, organisms work together to create a symbiotic community in a thriving living system. Parasites are out only to gain and this is just what us humans have become to our planet. Leeches to nature’s resources, extracting and sucking her dry without giving anything back, or worrying about the health of our target, our only concern being how full rich we can get and how quickly.

If we wish to leave our planet in a healthy state for our grandchildren then we must engage in a symbiotic relationship with our earth today. We must prioritise what is most key to life but is out of consciousness due to the priorities that society has led us to believe is what the world revolves around; the economy. Economic growth, stability, investments, mortgages (which, by the way, literally translates as French for death pledge), loans, 9-5s, energy bills. When did we forget how to stop and actually question what the point of all this is?

And when did paper money become more important than living? We need trees to make the freaking dollar bills that have driven us into this mess.

Question; just stop and think about what would happen to mankind if all money as we know it today instantly became no longer valuable. Think about it for a little while. Go on.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Here we are, shooting a massive planet sized hole into our feet. Healthy air? Healthy water? Healthy, non-toxic food? If you think that these are the most important components of your existence then you must watch this video. You also need to look up Monsanto and TTIP, which I’ve spoken about in previous blogs. The first a corporation  and the latter a cumulative force of corporations and governments, but both threaten to undermine what is left of our democratic rights.

If you continue to be a disbeliever or refuse to accept the need for a drastic shift in the system regressive cycle, then you are merely an unconscious slave to the system and have no right to complain about your lot.

If you feel ready, (heck, even if you don’t- jump right in, the water is warm!)  I say join the fightback organic revolution. Engage with your natural environment.

When I say ‘organic’ I’m not just referring to what is only outside of your body. After all, we are nature defending itself and, if this is true (and I fervently believe it to be so) then begin by simply re-engaging with yourself…

Meditate, do yoga, get lost, swim in the sea, walk don’t drive, sing, learn an instrument. Find a way to reconnect with what is important to you. Then, join the movement in any way you can, and soon. Re-educate yourself, re-energise yourself. Learn that a change is possible.

You are more capable of change than you might think. After all, we are talking about where you’ve come from- you just need to find your way back…

Learn more about Satish Kumar and his awe inspiring work here: 




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