An ode to Trump and his idea of ‘fair’.

Mr. Trump, you said yourself that that US energy policies will fully utilise energy sources, whilst protecting, “…our clean air, clean water, and natural habitats.” If you don’t want to be viewed by the global population as a hypocrite then make America great, clear the ‘swamp’ and increase energy security for your people by investing in FAIR energy systems. That is, a system where human rights AND environmental safeguards and regulations are not abused for a marginal elite to profit. Be real, look at the facts (not the alternative ones). Neither DAPL or KXL will actually increase internal energy security but instead likely increase exports. As for jobs, well you need to look more into that before you use it as a bribery tactic.

Do the right thing and don’t ignore the people- you know, the ones you profess to care so much about, and the ones you’re kinda supposed to represent. If they are resisting pipelines, question why and ask yourself if this is actually the best thing to do for the American people and not just the option that will make the most money.

And remember: Growth for the sake of growth is the same characteristic that cancer cells possess; and it ain’t nice.

Sign the petition to get the toupee donning kleptocrat to open the phone lines and stop being so juvenile by fearing having to face the wrath of the people he represents.


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