I am a third year Geography student at the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus and have composed this blog to discuss issues which concern the relationship between environmental health and human well-being.

The capitalist machine has worked its way into all sorts of vulnerable crevices and is wreaking havoc with people’s livelihoods, health, happiness and human rights. Furthermore, it is also prioritising money and faceless entities quick buck over other species that coexist with humans.

It’s about time our path changes course and we seek alternative narratives to the ones benefiting only an elite few. Most of the issues we see today, and historically, hold similar root causes.

Much of this blog emphasises the importance of immediate action, both on a grassroot level and top-down, as often it takes the medium of both to achieve long-lasting change.

Until nature is given sufficient respect and rights within social, economic and political models,  we stand no chance.

I don’t believe that our planet needs saving, but instead humans should protect our environment if they wish to protect themselves.


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