Who owns nature; a new wave of colonialism

Extraction of natural resources, some would say, has replaced the colonisation of vulnerable and 'undeveloped' countries by Britain and France in the 1800s. Jacques Diouf, head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, has warned that the world may be slipping into a "neo-colonial" system. 'Resource theft', as environmental campaigners have coined it, involves the land … Continue reading Who owns nature; a new wave of colonialism

Should we call ourselves ‘developed’?

Developed. This word is used so interchangeably these days does anyone actually stopped to question its implications. Maybe a 'developed country' is one with educated populations? Admittedly Britain has a good education system. However, the image of children being cultivated into little university-ready figurines by the age of 19 is tarnished when you suddenly remember that the … Continue reading Should we call ourselves ‘developed’?